I hate phpmyadmin lately. Found this tip on reddit and directed to post it here. Put in config.php.inc and it will disable a lot of the crap that is plaguing pma.

$cfg['ThemeDefault'] = 'original'; //get rid of that ugly-ass pmahomme theme.
$cfg['AjaxEnable'] = false; //disable ajax requests, since they don't give any browser status while running
$cfg['LongtextDoubleTextarea'] = false; //don't need HUGE text areas on longtext fields.
$cfg['MaxRows'] = 50; //change the default row display count
$cfg['PropertiesIconic'] = true; //icon only row action links
$cfg['DefaultTabTable'] = 'tbl_properties_structure.php'; // action for clicking table name is to edit the structure
$cfg['LeftDefaultTabTable'] = 'sql.php'; //action for clicking the mini-icon is to browse
$cfg['Export']['method'] = 'custom-no-form'; //disable the "quick" export feature.
$cfg['Export']['sql_drop_table'] = true; //add DROP TABLE IF EXISTS to SQL table structure exports

Selamat hari raya semua. I cheated this year, Malaysia celebrated on monday and brunei celebrated on tuesday. I left for brunei afternoon of first raya in Malaysia. I get to takbir twice lel.

Just got back from last night, many many thanks semua family and friends di sana.



Was cleaning my desktop and deleting photos puyna “web” folders, thought I’d post a few photos of mtcsb/gicts family day. Ade orang tu dari “tade nafsu” nak pergi sampai orang paling bersemangat, vote Jasdy for PM 2015. Siap bawak kami gi Kuantan, sempat la minum bubbletea kat TC. lol.

Our suite was somewhat disappointing, I didn’t really participate dalam any activities *sangat*, kacau anak orang banyak la. Sian anak zam :\



2014-04-19 17.05.54

Ha ni highlight of the trip, kopi Janda.