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Parsley.js Bootstrap 4 configuration

Anyone looking for parsley.js options for bootstrap 4?

successClass: "has-success",
errorClass: "has-danger",
classHandler: function(el) {
return el.$element.closest(".form-group");
errorsWrapper: "",
errorTemplate: ""

window.Parsley.on('field:error', function() {

window.Parsley.on('field:success', function() {

Welcome 2017

Goodbye 2016

A busy year. 17 countries. 29 cities. Explored many new things. Video editing. Angular 2. Vue2. After Effects. Gave a 2-day laravel training (who knew i could train people?). Funny how buying courses on udemy is like buying steam games during sale. Here’s to hoping 2017 will be a better year.  Did a few things I thought was not possible (or scary) like changed to Nikon, solo backpacking trip and stopped gaming.

#noresolution #justtryhard

Favourite Laravel Packages

I’ve been neck-deep in Laravel 5.2 (followed by 5.3) – bye bye ZF1. Here are some of my favourite packages:

Notable mentions: log-viewer, database backup, flash messages, forms & html


last city. ’twas ok


This city is not well represented in the movie Eurotrip. haha



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